Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Week at the Thompsons

Our Easter week started with Passover on Tuesday.   What a great way to show what Christ did for us!  Just as the Israelites were spared from the Angel of Death years ago by the blood of a lamb - WE are also spared from eternal death through Christ's blood! :)

 Ellie Kay sampled the matzo while hanging out with Jacob during his math work.

 Passover plate: roasted egg, haroset, lamb, fresh greens, bitter herb

Grape juice and lamb (We cheated and did lamb chops this time instead of a shank bone).  

This was our project for Wednesday.  Tru and I made a tomb scene (Thanks to my high school friend, Denise, for the great idea!)

The empty tomb!

 A cute little lion we found at McAlisters on Thursday.  We go there every Thursday night with our friends the Mundays for Kids Eat Free.  

Ellie Kay's last nighttime bottle was this past week.  Matt was a little sad it was her last - the end of an era.  Yes - she's a bit old for a nighttime bottle, but we only got 6 months of that cuddling/bonding bottle time and we took it and enjoyed it!

Day Before Easter

We went to "Resurrection Journey" at our church.  It was a great opportunity for little ones - especially Tru's age - to actually see things that we more abstract for him.  His favorite thing was to sit on a donkey.  :)


Here's a few pics of our failed attempts at getting all 4 children in a pic at the same time without us.  Didn't really work....

First try at pic of kids together.  This spot was too sunny, so everyone was squinting. 

 We moved to the grass and got a few of Ellie Kay by herself since she was happy and doesn't like being constrained and made to sit by a big brother - whichever one it may be.  It is SO fun having a little girl and having a dainty, sweet baby girl as part of our family!!

 Boys alone since EK didn't want to take part.  

 Let's try again with Ellie Kay - nope! ;)

 Tru is always a willing cute little subject.

 She finally decided she would sit by Tru for a bit.  She wasn't feeling bossed for this second and could maintain her independence.  :)

And she's usually perfectly fine if Daddy is holding her, so at least we did get a family photo. 

Later in the day, we did Resurrections eggs and an Easter egg hunt.  Tru had the most fun of all I think!

"I think I like the candy!"

The boys had more challenging finds in the treehouse.  

During our egg hunt, we found these growing wild in our woods behind our house.  Beautiful and perfect timing to put on our table for Easter dinner!

Overall, we had a great Easter and are so thankful for our risen Savior!  


  1. Thank you for sharing your and Matt are wonderful parents to precious children who are growing up too fast.

  2. Oh my, your family picture is so good!