Monday, January 20, 2014

Long Overdue Update!

The last 3 months have been wonderful and crazy.  I think there is a major adjustment anytime you add a new person to the family and we're no exception.  Our lives are even more chaotic than they were before and the days go by faster (or longer depending on the minute you ask me).   I'm tireder than I've ever been and feel a few years older all of a sudden.  :)

Ellie Kay has made incredible leaps and has done so well adapting to our family.  For the most part, she sleeps from 8:15pm - 7:00am or a little after.  She takes 2 naps a day with me just laying her down (versus trying to get her to sleep for 45 minutes/nap).  Almost every time I put her down so easily I get flashbacks of China with her terrified screams of terror at just being alone in the same room with us, and I just breathe a prayer for thanks to God.  He has so incredibly blessed us with her love.  She calls me MaMa and Matt DaDa.  She claps, points, has an irresistible giggle, and loves to play!!  She started walking well a few weeks ago and is all over the place.  She loves her brothers, their noisiness, and their laughter.  I am so convinced God crafted her personality to love the rowdiness that she'd be brought into.  I know many babies would not be so gracious with their craziness.

I have learned a few things since being home.  Motherhood really has nothing to do with biology.  When I had Jacob, I was worried when I was pregnant with Aidan that I wouldn't love him as much because I couldn't imagine loving another little person that much. Of course, once Aidan arrived,  I learned that I could love two children with the same amount of love.  When I was pregnant with Tru, there was no concern of loving him as much.  I just knew I would.  However, deep down, I worried a little about loving Ellie Kay as much as a biological baby.  I wondered if there was a physical or genetic connection that helped facilitate that love.  I also worried about loving a girl as much as a boy.  I LOVE being a boy Mom!  I've always heard people talking of the special love being boys and their Mommies.  I hoped Ellie Kay and I didn't have two strikes against us.  Well, I'm thrilled to report that motherly love doesn't know if the child is biological or adopted.  She is my girl! I have all of the affection, love, protective instincts that I have with my boys.  So, love doesn't come from birthing children, but as God says in the Bible, "Let us love one another, for love comes from God".   I'm so thankful for this truth!

Here are a few pics of our last few months.  Hopefully, I'll be a bit better about posting more regularly.

One of the most fun things was to experience new things with her.  I'm sure this was her first time to touch grass.   Grass was pretty nonexistent in China, and it was wonderful seeing her explore and touch God's creation.

Another first was her bouncy.  She liked it for short periods of time.  

 I'm sure cuddling with 3 little boys was pretty new for her at first, but she seemed to enjoy it.  :)

 Getting some sweet kisses from big brother.

More Tru kisses.  So sweet!

 She got to meet cousin Levi at Thanksgiving.  

 Her first Christmas with us.  
 This is a cute trick she does with Daddy.  I'm not sure what she would call it but we call it "Ice Skater Baby".  She looks like she's ready to be spun around.  :)

 She's had her share of Costco trips sharing the basket with big brother.

And Lowe's trips with Daddy...

"You like this place, huh"?

 This cracks me up.  The big boys built Ellie Kay a "sled" with clamps, chairs, a board, and a cat toy?? She appreciates the effort!

 Tru thinks helping with EK is quite fun!

 Her hair is growing finally and you can tell in the last couple of pics.  
Cute Tru.  Note Daddy's sunglasses and tie.  His name was Matt here. :)