Friday, April 26, 2013

Still hanging in there, but not so great news :(

We were really expecting to be matched this month.  The Chinese government matched everyone this week who were logged in through 10/26/06 (our log in date, LID, is 10/27/06).  ONE DAY SHORT.  Sigh......

We found this out on Tuesday, and I haven't had a heart to update the site until now.   There's also another new development in the world of Chinese adoption that is changing by the day that may mean waiting even longer than next month, depending on some decisions we may have to make.  It's been a tough week and lots of ups and downs as far as information we're getting.  If I get into it now, it'll be changed by this afternoon, so suffice it to say we just need prayers for our whole adoption process.  Our prayer requests are specifically:

*God will match us with the specific child He intends for us to parent and that He alone will make that decision - not us, not the Chinese government - just Him.  He knows infinitely better than any human can know, who should be our child.

*That God will be glorified through us and we'll praise Him and be thankful for all of this process and in all circumstances.

* Patience, patience, patience.  It will be 7 years on Monday since we signed our application for adoption.   Last summer, they predicted Dec/Jan, then the match date moved to Feb, then March, then certainly by April, and now we're still waiting and may have to wait even longer than just next month.

Again, God knows when our little one is ready to matched, where and who our child is.  We are just trusting Him in the meantime and having to really rely on Him to get through this wait.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Still waiting....   

Well, instead of being two Log In Dates (LIDs) away we're actually three away.  The rumor of referrals through 10/25/06 was not right and instead they have only gotten through 10/24/06 (ours is 10/27/06).   But, that's still an ALMOST certainty that we're next.  We sure are hoping so!  Rumor Queen has stated that referrals will most likely come out May 3rd or May 6th.   China has a holiday (May Day) April 29th - May 1st, so we're hoping that referrals are done before then, because we've seen that in the past they try to get referrals done right before holidays instead of after.  We shall see...  In the meantime, we're still waiting, waiting, waiting and hoping to see a picture of our newest child very soon.  We want to get Jacob and Aidan's thoughts on video and will try to post that as soon as we can.